What’s In a Name?

I hope you’ve noticed that I changed the name of my blog. “Lia’s Blog of Big Eating” is now “Kitchen Raised”. I’ve been toying with a name change for quite some time now. I liked what the original name evoked…me and my culinary adventures, bigger is better, etc. I am not always a big eater and not always in your face and louder than life. That name doesn’t speak to my attitude in the kitchen – my kitchen, my parents’ kitchen or your kitchen.

I try to be methodical and build on what I’ve learned in the past to create memorable meals for the present and future. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really was raised in the kitchen.  I am one of five children and we were required to help out – only if we wanted to eat – and speaking from experience, I know it’s why we all can hold our own in the kitchen.

I grew up hating asparagus. I did not get how anyone could enjoy it. I couldn’t even say the word “asparagus” without gagging dramatically, which my parents thoroughly enjoyed. Enter my mid-20s. My mom started roasting asparagus in the oven, sprinkling it balsamic and shaved parmesan. Now I would gladly eat asparagus every day if I didn’t think it was unfair to other vegetables.

As kids, we learned how to clean and prepare vegetables, make an omelet and frost a cake. We learned menu planning and time management (still not so great at that) and important things like how to cook pasta and meat thoroughly. We accompanied my mother on trips to the grocery store and farmers’ markets.

As adults, we drink from my parents’ vast wine collection and peruse my mother’s ever expanding cookbook collection. When I go to mom and dad’s, I toss my belongings wherever, rarely hanging up my jacket and head straight for the fridge. Much to my parents’ chagrin, I’ll stand with the refrigerator agape and demand; “Do we have anything to eat?” before rummaging through blocks of cheese, hard salami and whatever else I can get my hands on. Sitting at the kitchen table, the same table I’ve eaten family dinners at for years, I’ll read Julia Child, Thomas Keller, and Mario Batali and drink too much wine. This is home.

I hope you understand the name change – it speaks the knowledge I’ve gained as someone who seeks out the kitchen in every home I visit and my desire impart the joy of cooking to my readers. Thanks for joining me.

As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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