New kitchen…who dis?

Apologies for the post title. It’s dumb and I am too old to be using it. I’m also not creative enough to change it.

This weekend I’ll be moving into a new (to me), cozy apartment, which contains an even cozier kitchen. I’ll have a gas stove with four regular burners and a long oblong burner that runs the depth of the stove. I don’t know why I need that burner, but I’ll let you know.

I bought new plates and glassware, which is extravagant, but also what I wanted on my table. I have new cookware ready to be put to work. I have hand-me-down silverware used by every member of my immediate family. I have my mom’s beloved KitchenAid mixer and a new burr grinder. On a whim, I purchased linen napkins.

I used to say to anyone who would listen that I “would never” purchase a kitchen gadget (handheld or electronic) that did not serve more than one purpose. My grapefruit scooper and garlic press are doing just great, thanks for asking.

A year ago (maybe longer, who knows what time is any more?), I received Chef Anita Lo’s book “Solo: Easy Sophisticated Recipes For a Party of One”. I love being alone, I love being single (for the time being) and will always love cooking for a party of one. I’m excited to cook through her book over the next …. however long it takes me.

I’ve given myself several cooking and writing challenges. But we’re still in a pandemic, so my desire to cook vs. my desire to eat chips and salsa for dinner are very real things with which I struggle daily. I want to learn a thing or two about food photography, too.

As I packed my cookbooks for the new place, I packed Chef Lo’s book on the top of a stack of cookbooks…in one of the boxes…I think I labeled it correctly? As soon as I find it, I will start making a plan to cook from her book.

I have no idea what the future holds, but at least the food will be good.


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